Passiontide & Easter Services

We welcome visitors to the following services over the season of Passiontide and Easter

Maundy Thursday (29th March)

Holy Communion: 7 pm at North Bovey

Good Friday (30th March)

Walk of the Cross: 10 am in The Square, Moretonhampstead

An Hour at the Cross: 12 noon at Manaton

An Hour at the Cross: 7 pm at Lustleigh

Easter Eve (Sat 31st March)

Easter Vigil: 8 pm at Moretonhampstead

Easter Day (Sun 1st April)

Holy Communion will be celebrated at all four churches in our benefice —

Moreton – 9.30 am, North Bovey – 10 am, Manaton and Lustleigh – 11 am


Final despatch from John Rhodes in Pulane

John has been working on the power supply at Pulane, a children’s centre in Lesotho, where he has been many times before.  This is the final despatch from his current visit there: he returned home on March 21st, accompanied by Tristan Denman who had been helping John for the latter part of his time there.  Further details may be found in the April issue of IN TOUCH, which is available to be read on this website: see under PUBLICATIONS.

John Rhodes is joined by Tristan Denman

We were left in the last letter with John waiting for Tristan to arrive. The journey to meet him was not uneventful!  Due to all the excessive and continuous rain, it was not possible for John to drive himself on the journey. He hired a ‘backky’ with a driver.  The first part of the journey was on mud roads which tend to wash away when it rains.  Quite a daunting thought if you are travelling along them!  The problem occurred though when there was a loud grinding noise coming from one of the wheels.  The cover of one of the constant velocity joints had split and mud had entered. The vehicle spent a few hours in a local garage while the problem was dealt with. This incurred an overnight stay and, in the morning, one of the tyres was flat.  Fortunately, the spare was inflated and the wheel changed.  Airport ‘here we come’!

Tristan arrived safely and the journey back to Pulane was trouble-free.  I think there may have been a celebratory glass or two of wine drunk that evening!

Work continued on the ‘project’ the following morning and our men from Moreton worked hard despite thunderstorms, heavy rains and power cuts.   Other electrical problems were also dealt with.  It was only possible to work indoors. But the goal was in sight and after twenty hours without power, the project was completed!

But was the pressure off?  There were numerous other little jobs for the ‘Mr Fix-It’ team to do!  It left just two days for John and Tristan to spend time with the children — and they made full use of that. Tristan especially was a great hit when he played games which are the same as those played with the Scouts here in Moreton, and he spent time with the eight Lesotho Boy Scouts who live at the centre.

Then it was time to leave and head back to the snow-covered hills of Devon. Again, the first 30k of the journey was treacherous, along mud roads which could easily disappear. Then  Tristan experienced the Lesotho taxi service!  A twelve-seater vehicle packed with at least sixteen people all needing more space than was available!

After flight departure delays in Johannesburg, they missed their coach connection at Heathrow, but caught a later one and arrived safely in Exeter on 21st March.

‘Welcome home and well done!’

We shall be able to hear directly about all the work, when John gives a presentation at the Union Inn in Moretonhampstead, on Thursday, 26th April, when you will also be able to see where all your kind donations were spent and photos of some of the work done. The presentation begins at 7.30, but do come any time after 7 pm and have a drink at the bar.  The Union very kindly lets us use their Stable Bar and it’s good if we can support them by buying the odd pint or glass of wine.

Once more, may I thank you all for your support and your prayers, and for your interest in where your kind donations are being used – Gill Rhodes

How to find our parish magazine – IN TOUCH

To read the parish magazine IN TOUCH online, please click on PUBLICATIONS at the top of every website page, and then select IN TOUCH from the next page that pops us.  If you wish to read a back-number, then please click on whichever back-number you wish to read.  If the one you want is not listed, then please click on CONTACT (the word that appears at the right-hand end at the top of every website page, and NOT the publication that appears below IN TOUCH) – and ask for whichever back-number you require to be sent to you.

Messy Church

Messy Church in 2018

There will be no Messy Church in April.

The next Messy Church will be on Tuesday, 1st May, 3.30-5.30 pm in the Parish Hall, as usual.  Everyone is welcome to join us for the story (and, dare we say, the ‘jokes’), the singing, the fun and the crafts – and we will end by sharing a meal together before we go home. It’s all free, but children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Do try to join us!  For further details, please use the CONTACT form on this website.

Other dates for Messy Church in 2018 will be:

June 5th, July 3rd.  There will be no Messy Church in August.

September 4th, October 2nd, November 6th, December 4th.

Welcome to all visitors

To all visitors and holidaymakers who find themselves in Moretonhampstead at this beautiful time of year, we offer a very warm welcome. Please feel free to visit our parish church dedicated to St Andrew and to join in our worship at any of the services taking place during your stay here. You will find great warmth and a friendly welcome.
For details of all services not only in St Andrew’s but also in all churches in our benefice, please visit our website at: We look forward to seeing you!

Children’s Society News

The Children’s Society home collection boxes this summer have raised £652.05.  Our profound thanks to all those who continue to support this wonderful charity.
If you would like a box in which to collect all your odd change – and you’d be surprised to see how quickly it builds into such a worthwhile amount! – then please contact Brenda on 440755, or Christine on 440717.  Thank you!

Light a Candle

Those of you who visit churches whilst on holiday or travelling will have often seen Votive Candle Stands where you may light and leave a candle as a living sign of a prayer, to cherish the memory of a loved one, to give thanks, or merely to contemplate where you are in the grand scheme of life.
There is now such an opportunity in your parish church of St Andrew; it can be found in the Lady Chapel, near the small altar on the right hand side of the Nave.
It is available for our community and visitors alike, including all who have no specific commitment to the Christian faith.  If you wish, you may leave a small donation but it is by no means necessary or expected.
Each year a charity will be chosen and the whole of that year’s donations will be made to it.
For the current year it is the Amos Trust (